To speed up the creation of Guerrilla Learning seed content we are building a series of tools and wizards.

Using these helps you run a fast, low-cost campaign using unconventional techniques to achieve incredible results that dramatically out-performing standard formal approaches to workplace learning and performance support.

The Guerrilla Learning Tools and Wizards include:

  • automatic quiz generator - for effortful recall, time-spaced learning activities, adaptive learning pivots and competence levels
  • automatic mind map generator - creates a first stab at a mindmap that can be worked on and adapted - part of the 'beat the AI challenges'
  • automatic mneumonic & memory-aid generator - ceates a first stab at mnemonics and memory aids that can be worked on and adapted, part of the 'beat the AI challenges'
  • personal learning network map generator - steps through the creation of a Personal Learning Network map, with team lead tools for identifying gaps and weaknesses
  • short storytelling and motivation script generator - assists the scripting of gripping and engaging stories for lessons learnt, customer references and short videos
  • question interleaver - creates a daily quiz covering current learning objectives, and previous learning (for long term memory creation and current competence) and future learning (priming the memory)

Let us know if you want a demo of any of the tools. They are currently in test format - not enterprise ready, but could support a small business or small team.

The vision

All the tools will integrate to form a unique performance and cultural support platform. Our belief is that current LMS (Learning Management Systems) and LXP (Learning Experience Platforms) are one-dimensional, they cater for immediate needs only and see learning as a separate stand-alone activity. In our experience (gained from talking to people at all levels in businesses) is that it should be integrated as part of the daily work activity and support the culture and values of an organisation driving the whole team performance. Rather than assuming that you have learnt something straight after the course has been completed, we check back periodically to make sure that that knowledge has stuck and the team has that as a current competence. We use active motivation and behavioural economics to create a culture of learning, sharing and performing - including rewarding the creators and contributors who keep communities and teams alive. The guerrilla learning approach actively encouages and fosters the motivation to learn, share and perform resulting in higher completion rates, increased staff satisfaction and retention.
It is the next-generation performance support platform. The working concept is sketched out below:

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If you would like a demo of the tools or want to discuss any aspect of Guerrilla Learning please get in touch

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