Like Guerrilla Marketing and Guerrilla Warfare,


uses low-cost unconventional techniques to achieve incredible results, dramatically out-performing standard formal approaches to workplace learning and performance support.

Rather than a rigid and centralised control and allocation of learning based around an LMS/LRS, Guerrilla Learning gives the power to the people, it builds a community and culture of continuous learning and high performance through organic resources that can grow, go viral and be absorbed quickly without disrupting the flow of work. The system builds a collective communal intelligence that anticipates business challenges and uncertainty giving time to plan, adapt and succeed.

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Example of Guerrilla Learning transformation

Slide deck presentation

  • One-off, attendance-based presentation
  • Boring, doesn't standout: poor engagement
  • lecture-based presentation style, not discussion-based
  • Easily forgotten, format doesn't invite audience questions
  • Not productive use of time: high hidden cost
  • Very poor Return on Investment

Guerrilla Learning transformation

  • Distributed to audience without disrupting their work flow
  • Connected content for follow-up questions or more information
  • Multiple micro-content, more chance of your message getting across
  • Exciting 'swarm content' is more likely to go viral and engage audience
  • Immediate use material, optimised for recall and community activation
  • low cost, fast to produce and update: High Return on Investment

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Our Guerrilla Services

PowerPoint to Guerrilla Content Conversion

Send us your slides and we'll convert them into more effective Guerrilla Learning Experiences

Guerrilla Learning workshops

Learn then principles of Guerrilla Learning to start your learning revolution - or work together on your project

Launching a Guerrilla Learning revolution

Our team work with you on a regular scheduled basis to create a culture of continuous learning, sharing and high performance in your workplace

The Guerrilla Learning Toolshed

Use our AI-powered learning tools to create and run Guerrilla Learning campaigns

Contact us if you would like us to eloborate or explain any of these to you or your team.

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Principles of Guerrilla Learning

Solves a challenge

all the pieces of Guerrilla Learning fit together to solve business problems, quickly and cheaply. it's not just learning for the sake of learning.


Ownership is local, not remote. Resources are seeded and developed by those who are closest to the problem rather than being assigned top-down, resulting in a better uptake and utilisation.


Based upon cognitive, psychological and educational research on the optimum ways to learn and remember.

Optimises the environment

Creates a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing.
Plants the communication skills needed for the fourth industrial revolution, virtual and metaverse environments.


Learning Material cannot be isolated, it rarely should be seen as the definitive absolute answer. Rather, it should be connected to conversations and people to give context, continuity and community support. It builds collective intelligence.


Learning Content and Resources should foster motivation through good design, being useful and easy to apply.
Each Guerrilla Learning touchpoint should inspire and build trust and community

Distributed content

Having a single learning package or presentation is a high-risk, one-hit wonder strategy. It puts all your egss in one basket - it has to work, as you have no other option. It is better to use a distributed quick 'swarm-content' model that allows for prolonged exposure to your message, little and often. It creates interest through novelty.

Invitations to share

Guerrilla content is an invitation to share; it's not designed to look perfect, appear aloof or out of touch. Resources look like they have been created by those involved at the front-end as a shared resource. The human-centred design gives 'permission' encouraging and 'nudging' others to create and share their own resources and experiences and get involved.

Speed & ROI

Guerrilla Learning delivers a fast time to competence: the content is quick to develop, update and distribute. It's agile design for learning. The resources are easy to read, use and apply. This all results in increased performance at a lower cost.

Delivering a High Return on Investment

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"Guerrilla Learning campaign was probably the most effective learning campaign we ever did."

Birgit Lensor

I knew it was effective when I saw the cartoons being printed out and stuck on the cubicle walls everywhere. The CEO even asked for the original to be signed and framed for himself

Carsten Jones

After our successful Guerrilla Learning campaign, elements were absorbed into our formal training packages making them more effective and with lower drop-out rates

Greg Thomas

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If you would like to discuss any aspect of Guerrilla Learning, or want help getting started, then please get in touch

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